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TIECPL is a leading solar energy solution provider and solar power system – design and installation – company that specializes in a plethora of solar powered energy solutions. Our mission is to ensure that solar energy becomes an affordable source even for the masses by tightly managing our own costs so that the savings pass on to you – our valued customers.

Techgenics Insight Engineering & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, was established in 2018. Initially offering services in Design,Planing ,Analysis, testing of materials, the Company expanded its operations globally as a leading industrial consultant. . Today, it provides integrated state-of-the-art technical assistance and engineering consultancy solutions for the manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering and Facility,Energy Efficiency.

What we do?

Our services include Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering and Design Studies, Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR), Pre-Tender/ Pre-bid Services, Independent Engineer, Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Contract Administration & Construction Management
Structural Design, Architectural Services & Rehabilitation of Structures, Design Validation & Proof Checking Services (PCC).

Our vision

our vision for communities around the world and maintain long-term relationships with our clients by giving them the best value for their investment. We are committed to delivering engineering excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction by providing optimal value engineering and trustworthy solutions.

Going solar is easy

  • Site Audit TIECPL analyses the building structure, the solar system design, the installation cost and your current utility pricing
  • Sign Contract TIECPL provides a proposal offering a significant discount on the current grid price. There is no cost for the proposal and no obligation for you. 100% of our offers and contracts have been on a kWh rate lower than what the customer was paying before.
  • Engineering Detailed engineering will then be undertaken to develop the optimised solution for your roof.
  • InstallationTIECPL obtains all permits, procures the equipment, selects the installer and constructs the system.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance TIECPL handles all monitoring, maintenance and repairs. At the end of each month, Cleantech Solar sends a bill indicating the amount of power produced and the cost.
  • Cheaper, Cleaner Electricity Enjoy lower energy costs, while reducing your carbon footprint.


Industrial and commercial rooftop solar power projects refer to the installation of solar panels on the roof of industrial and commercial buildings for the purpose of generating electricity. These projects are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits, including cost savings, environmental sustainability, and energy independence.

The process of setting up a rooftop solar power project typically involves the following steps:

Assessment of the rooftop: The first step is to assess the rooftop to determine its suitability for a solar installation. This includes an evaluation of factors such as the orientation, shading, and slope of the roof, as well as the structural integrity of the building.

Design and Engineering: Once the rooftop has been assessed, the next step is to design the solar installation. This involves determining the size of the solar panel system needed to meet the energy needs of the building, as well as the best orientation and angle for the panels to maximize energy generation.

Procurement of Equipment: The equipment required for the solar installation, including solar panels, inverters, and mounting systems, must be procured. It is important to use high-quality equipment to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the system.

Installation: The final step is the installation of the solar panels and associated equipment on the rooftop. This should be carried out by a qualified and experienced installer to ensure the system is installed correctly and meets all relevant safety and building codes.

Benefits of industrial and commercial rooftop solar power projects include lower energy costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and increased energy independence. Additionally, these projects can also help businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, which can be important for building brand reputation and attracting customers.

In conclusion, industrial and commercial rooftop solar power projects are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for businesses to meet their energy needs. With the right design, equipment, and installation, these projects can provide many benefits for years to come.


A rooftop solar system is an excellent power generating system. With our high skill and stateof-the-art technology, we offer cost-effective rooftop solutions. you can transform your rooftop into a solar power plant which is an excellent source of solar energy, for both commercial and residential consumers.Benefits as follows.

solar rooftop solutions
Ground Mounted Solar Solutions


TIECPL provides ground mounted solar solutions designed and engineered based on the client’s site specific conditions. With diligent project planning and accurate execution, our solutions are tailored based on the uniqueness of your requirement.
We provide a wide range of ground-mounted solar solutions offering freedom and exibility to support PV modules of various types.Different Types Of Ground Mounted Solar Structure i.e,Traditional Ground-Mount Systems,Ground-Mounted Solar Tracking Systems,Carports And Canopies. Benefits as follows.

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Comprehensive and non-comprehensive Operation and Maintenance services of Solar Power Plants, Corrective and Preventive Maintenance & Annual Testing of all PV fields, Switch yard, Transformer & MCR equipment with OR without Spares, PV Module Washing, Replacing, MMS maintenance. IV Curve Testing, Thermography. We are committed to Improve Plant availability & Performance ratio.
If you’re looking to keep your solar plant running smoothly and efficiently, look no further than TIECPL. Our comprehensive Solar Operation and Maintenance services in India are designed to help you get the most out of your solar investment, with expert support and maintenance to keep your system running at peak performance. Trust us for all your solar needs.

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solar EPC Solutions


We provide turnkey solar EPC solutions. Our customer centric engagement model with technical expertise offers the best in class customized end-to-end solar solutions. By minimizing grid consumption, each individual can reduce their carbon dependence. We offer the best quality Solar PV installations to our customers and our systems will be installed by certified installers.Book a free solar site analysis today. Our experts will visit you to evaluate your available space and budget and walk you through the installation process, available incentives and how net-metering works

Your one-stop shop for creative rooftop EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) solutions is Inter Solar Systems. We specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining rooftop solar power systems as a result of our extensive knowledge and technical expertise. By utilising the abundant solar energy present on your rooftops, we help you produce clean, sustainable electricity while reducing your carbon footprint.

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