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TIECPL seems to be a powerhouse in the realm of model design and large engineering projects. Their leadership team, comprised of highly experienced engineers, brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. What sets them apart is their expertise in engineering construction, manufacturing, and industrial design, which form the backbone of their success in the miniaturization business.

Techgenics, on the other hand, seems to specialize in micro-modeling solutions, tailoring each project uniquely to meet the needs of their customers. Their approach, driven by processes and tools, ensures that their deliveries meet the rigorous standards of the engineering industry.

The scaled models produced by TIECPL are instrumental in high-impact presentations, operational studies, and training for their clients. These models serve a variety of purposes, from customer presentations to exhibitions, demonstrations, training sessions, showcasing, and prototyping.

One of TIECPL's key strengths lies in their utilization of cutting-edge micro-manufacturing techniques and materials to create durable models that stand the test of time. They offer end-to-end miniaturization solutions, guiding clients from the initial concept all the way to deployment.

In today's market-driven economy, miniature models are proving to be invaluable tools for sales and promotion of large projects and products. TIECPL seems well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, leveraging their expertise to provide strong value propositions to their clients.

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Model Making Type

Architectural Models:

Our model workshop creates, design and builds models of architectural, urban and landscape objects. The models for any forms of visual presentation and exhibitions, building of scale house models and condominium layouts, urban models, airports, industrial, recreation and sport complexes.

Equipment and experience of master modelers of our model making Studio in Ukraine compose an ability to construct any objects with the highest details output of nice and reliable models.

Architectural Models
Engineering Models

Engineering Models:

Industrial and engineering objects as the most complicated technical model direction develops as a separate one. Our model making Studio capacity and expertise is an effective tool to create any Models of Machinery following any data available – photos, images or drawings. The dimensions and details of scale modeling vary from exhibition scale models of industrial zones to the smallest details of high precision equipment. The specific skill of a model engineer appeared in our workshop.

An educational purpose – one of important sectors of making machinery models. Tutorial process using Industrial Models Equipment is a privileged professional education technology.

The machinery scale modeling in a work of our model workshop in Kiev is estimated as a leadership in Ukraine. The attention to details, technology level and a beauty of our Industrial Models is proved by various contracts and exhibitions, where the art and capability to make scale models is requested.

Prototype Models:

Prototype Models of various critical machineries and equipment is essential to promote the original equipment for several manufacturers. Several buyers of original equipment demand to see the miniature Models before taking final decision. Models serve several purposes, one being the customer able to visualize the final design of the equipment and think through placement and layout of the equipment in use. Scale Models areminiature models of the original machinery or equipment of heavy engineering and process industry. Several companies prefer to build Mock Models of their critical machinery like gas turbines, steam boilers, power transmission equipment, cement machinery equipments etc. some industrial houses use these Prototype Models to showcase assets in their corporate offices or demo center.

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Our Model Making Services

Power Transmission Model

Refinery Miniature Model

Power Station Model

Station Miniature Model

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